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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We give a tangible answer to people who want excellent cosmetic result for their hair, without using toxic substances.
Our products are APAP, which means as pure as possible.
Precious hair is committed to spreading the APAP concept in the hairstyling world. We formulate our products using only the ingredients which guarantee professional results and which are safe for your health. APAP implies a constant research of high technology formulas, to obtain 100% guaranteed professional results.

Our Vision

Erase all the pontentially harmful ingredients from professional hair products

Our Challenge

Spread our hair salon culture everywhere: a harmonic fusion of respect for the environment with the maximum benefit for people’s beauty and creativity.

Our Revolution

we said NO to all the products with questionable INCI list.
Our company is the only one which is not afraid of telling the truth about our products.
We use only what is necessary in order to get professional results.