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"Would you put this product on the hair of someone you love?"

This is the very question that gave birth to Precious Hair
We formulate products with a scientific method. This allows us to predict ingredients' reactions between them, and their effects on scalp and hair.

As Pure As Possible
Our products are much more than simple work tools: they are part of relationship of trust between the customer and the hairstylist.
This relationship has been devastated over the years by the use of too many toxic substances, in the name of beauty no matter what.
With Precious Hair we restore this relationship of trust, with a promise for each and every product: all of our products are APAP (As Pure As Possible)

20 years with hairstylists
We know how to help you solving two more problems:
  • express all your art skills
  • explain to your customer the difference between professional hair products and retail products
For us quality means protection and safety: what makes the difference in our products is that we use the purest ingredients with the most advanced technology application.